Another Iron Lady

All the talk about Meryl Streep’s new film reminded me this week that Bertha wasn’t the only Iron Lady I encountered in Australia.

Meeting Margaret Thatcher in Sydney

I also met Mrs T. herself. The photo above was given to me by one of the PR people the week after she visited my floor, the only one from among the 19 levels she got to in the bank skyscaper headquarters where I worked in Sydney.

What struck me about her was how small she was. Given her dominance of politics in the 1980s, I had expected her to be far taller – to have a more imposing stature – than her 5 foot 5. She seemed almost petite.

I later went to hear her speak accompanied by a Scot and a Jamiacan Londoner, neither of whom one could describe as avid Maggie fans. They left the rotten tomatoes behind but we were frisked entering the function room all the same. Security had to be tight. A real ‘love her’ or ‘hate her’ sort of person. They were taking no risks even in far off Australia.


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