Mostly due to the responsibilities of a very busy director role in an international non-profit consultancy firm, an Italian wife, three children and a mortgage (though no dog), Paul is now more a traveller in mind than in body and seeks to share his passion for path-finding through books and stories of travel with others.

Much of Paul’s writings deals with the themes of travel/distance, cultures and literature. His book – Travels with Bertha: Two Years Exploring Australia in a 1978 Ford Stationwagon – was published by Liberties Press in 2012 and was described by Arminta Wallace in the Irish Times as one of the “Must Read Books of 2012″. (See Reviews for more.)

His first poetry collection – Sifting for Gold: Poems of Distant Journeys and New Worlds – was published in April 2014.

fun portrait paul

In part from a love of literature and languages, Paul always felt a great curiosity to see more of the world. Over the years this led to many experiences and diverse occupations – dishing up fries in McDonald’s in Munich, picking tulip bulbs in Holland, serving frozen yogurt in Chicago, teaching and translating in Italy, working in a bank in Sydney, experiencing the roller-coaster ride of the dotcom boom in San Francisco. In the last decade he has been involved in significant funding projects and strategic planning across especially across the medical, religious and international third level education sectors.

In recent years Paul has regularly been invited to talk in schools in Ireland and Italy about writing, literature, travel, future work patterns and humanities studies.

Paul is a graduate of University College Dublin, the UCD Smurfit School, the Dublin Institute of Technology and of Berkeley, California.

Contact Paul on pablomartinez99@hotmail.com





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