“Behind the turbulent and picturesque agitation of Italy, behind the amiable, festive, and touching spectacle, behind the skillful performances, real life is something else. It is this feeling of being trapped within the inflexible limits of national inclinations which gives Italian life, under the brilliant and vivacious surface, its fundamentally bitter, disenchanted, melancholic quality”

Luigi Barzini – The Italians (1964)

Although I first spent a period of time in Italy in 1988, speak the language and have married into the country, after more than a quarter century I feel hardly the wiser in how to describe it. Only with Italian children in recent years am I slowly beginning to think I might know something about it.

marche.jpg 1

The place I know best, the Marche in Central Italy (a third the way down the east coast across the peninsula from Florence), is a real microcosm of provincial Italy. A perfect mix of southern Baroque old world Italy combined with the small family industry mentality of the north. And equally as complex as any other place in the country.

marche map

Travels with Bertha will keep you updated on Italy, related books and blogs, political and social changes and the many places to see and experience in this special place so different to rest of today’s world.

Some useful websites on Italy sassy spoken but scarily accurate! – general information – Italo-American woman living in Southern Italy


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